The first time in the study of astrology is the almanac which is called the almanac, which consists of 5 organs in the lower.

  1. Date
  2. Day
  3. Star
  4. Yoga
  5. Reason


The first part of the ephemeris is Jyō Dat. The moon’s art is considered to be a date. It is derived from the distance between the moon and the sun. I differ from 12 degrees in the Sun and Moon in the traveling period. It is the median of the distance. I Amavashya After the dates from Pratipada to Purnima, the Shukla side and after the full moon, dates from Pratipada to Amavasya dates to the Krishna side. In Astrology Ithiyo calculated Waxing starts at Pratipada like that happens Pratipada started Chaitra Shukla side of each new era is.

Date is 16
Pratipada, Vidya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Ashti, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, Dashami, Ekadashi, Dvadashi, Triodashi, Chaturdashi, Purnima and Amavasya I.


Astrology has taken seven wars, starting from Sunday, respectively, on Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday .

In fact, the warrior has been determined in full scientific way. The first name of the lord of Hora is on that day, the name of the name is named after the name of that lord. I is the lord of Hora, the first of Hora 24, after which Second, the lord of Hora, the third, the Buddha, the moon of the fourth, the fifth of Saturn, the Jupiter of the fifth, the Mars of the seventh, the Ravi of the eighth, Venus of Navami, Buddha of Dasamya, the eleventh Moon of outer, Saturn of thorn, Jupiter of tehrevi, Mangal of chauhadvi, Sun of pahadavi, Sun of sixteenth, Venus of seventeen, Saturn of moon, moon of nineteen, Jupiter of twentieth, Mars of ekasavi, twenty-two ravi, And Chobiswi is Buddha and due to this sequence, because of the first hora of the first day of Hora, it is called Chandramar or Monday again and again. Swam of the first Hora of the third day On Tuesday, the owner of the first hora of Tuesday, the first day of Hora from Wednesday, will be the owner of Jora, the first Hora of the fifth day on Thursday, the owner of the first Hora of the holiday, on Friday and the seventh day of the first day of Hora, Being called on Saturday.


Many Taro’s groups are called constellations. In Akash Mandal, the number of stars, horses, snakes, hands, etc. are made from innumerable stars. They are called constellations. Just as the distance between one place and another is measured in people’s behavior, the sky board is measured The distance is recorded by the constellations.
In the astrology, the entire sky board is divided into 27 parts and each part is named after one constellation.
27 Nakshatra is in accordance with the following
1 Ashwini 2 Bharani 3 Kritika 4 Rohini 5 Meghasura 6 Adra 7 Punevu 8 Pushya 9 Ashlisha 10 Meha 11 Purva Phalguni 12 Ursa Phalguni 13 Sign 14 Figure 15 Swati 16 Vishakha 17 Anuradha 18 Legendary 19 Original 20 Pursura 22 Landed 22 Seventh 23 Loyalty 24 Shambhishisa 25 Purv Bhadrapad 26 Bharti Bhadrapad 27 Revathi I

Although 27 constellations have been considered, but Abhijeet has also been considered as 28th nakshatra. I have started the last 15 bad side of Uttara Nakshatra and the beginning of the Saturna constellation, 4 poor S type 19 is Abhijit Nakshatra, which is considered to be cheap. Is considered.

Yoga thoughts

The sum of the movement of the sun and moon is called Yoga. The sun’s daily speed is 51 Art 9 and the speed of the Moon is 710 Art 35. I have to add 800 Art to be a part of the Satya Yoga I have their name order as written below.

1 Vishkumbh 2 Preeti 3 Ayushman 4 Swabhasya 5 Shoban 6 Dastagand 7 Swaroop 8 Gruet 9 Shool 10 Gand 11 12 Dhruv 13 Garbage 14 Harishan 15 Vajra 16 Siddhi 17 Vyayat 18 Variyan 19 Pariage 20 Shiv 21 Siddha 22 Predatory 23 Shubha 24 Shukla 25 Brahma 26th 27th Vedriti I

These two yoga have been considered extremely unlucky due to diarrhea and pervasion, so it is not good to start any auspicious work on these yoga.


This is called the half-section of the date. According to the planets in the human body, according to the planets, it is natural for man to get happiness and happiness. This number is 11th. In the beginning, 7 reasons are variable and last 4 reasons are stable.

1bav karan 2 baalav karan 3 kolav karan 4 tetil karan 5 gar karan 6 vanij karan 7 vishti karan 8 shakuni karan 9 chatushpad karan 10 naag karan 11kistudhan karan

In the Hindu calendar, the whole year’s division has been done in 12 months, whose name Karan has been related to the constellations in Astro, is named after him.

1 Chaitra 2 Vaishakh 3 Jeth 4 Ashadh 5 Shravan 6 Bhadrapad 7 Ashwini 8 Kartik 9 Margashi, 10 Posh, 11 Maggh and 12 Phalguna

Each month is divided into two sides: Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha I; The communication of Krishna Prabhak is from the Pratipada date to the new moon, whereas the Shukla party is transmitted to the full moon. As the relationship of the constellations in the names of months is said, then Chaitra Shukla Purnima is a chitra constellation. I will call Vaishakhi Purnima to Vishakha Nakshatra, Jyoth’s full moon will be a senior father, I will be a whole year. Start Chaitra will Shuklpratipda and end of the year will be the day the new moon of Chaitra Krishna party.

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